The Truth About iConfidant – REVEALED

As readers and listeners of post-face society know, we’ve been tracking strange occult activity in Southern California since last year. One group that came across our radar recently was iConfidant: a Silicon Valley start-up that offered a “friend” matchmaking service. The group’s beta program enlisted a number of participants, who began corresponding with their iConfidants via email. Although there were ongoing concerns about privacy, due to an email hacking incident and the erratic behavior of company CEO Stacey Erikson, the majority of participants continued their conversations, and agreed to meet their matches at a public meet-and-greet event in Southern California this past weekend.

Upon arriving at the event, these participants learned that they had all been corresponding with the same individual: a woman named Sabrina Kern, that had previously been linked with occult activity as part of a group calling itself The OOA Institute.

In this EXCLUSIVE leaked video, post-fact society is able to provide a front-row seat for the revelations that followed.

It is safe to say that this is only the beginning, and that the day’s news has tremendous implications. Both for those who had been suckered into the iConfidant scheme, as well as the intentions of the larger organization we here at pfs have been tracking.

More to come.

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