post-fact society is dedicated to stopping lies and misinformation from everyone that’s trying to control you.

we are anyone dedicated to stopping corruption and media manipulation — wherever we see it. we may be your friends. we may be your family. we may be journalists, teachers, or the people that make your favorite TV show. but who we are and what we do ultimately doesn’t matter. what matters is our message.

we began tracking these activities in 2016, when a nefarious group began preying upon unsuspecting individuals in the Southern California area. they fed these people lies. they told them they were part of a game. in reality, they were part of a vast, globalist conspiracy designed to steal YOUR information and use it to reshape the world into one of their own design.

nobody was willing to stop them, and they changed the course of history. we will not let that happen again.

our name comes from a term used by that same group when they surfaced again in 2017. it is both their shield and strategy; a way of lurking in the shadows while undermining objective truth. but for us, it is a call to arms: the thing we must destroy in order to protect you.

when our work is done, and the post-fact society is gone, we will disappear, too.


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