The Russian Conspiracy Behind The Lust Experience


Last year in Los Angeles, hundreds of individuals became involved in something called The Tension Experience. They were told it was an “immersive theater” project: that a group of Hollywood content creators had grown bored of making movies, and instead decided to make a theater show where participants pretended they were joining a supernatural cult, and could try to rescue its brainwashed leader.

As we will soon explore in our investigative series The Big Lie, all of that was a fabrication. In fact, the entire production had been produced as a front for a much more sinister globalist data-collection operation. But while some claim an organization named the OSDM was responsible, the growing web of political conspiracy currently ensnaring the United States points to a very different perpetrator: Russian intelligence forces.

Hacking the 2016 US Presidential Election

On the final night of The Tension Experience “play,” a woman known only as Michelle revealed that data collection had been the true goal of the operation from the very beginning. It was so successful, she said, that it had allowed her organization to sway the outcome of the 2016 United States Presidential race to then-President elect Donald J. Trump.

At the time, pollsters and pundits were shocked at Trump’s victory, particularly because it differed greatly from exit polling and other political predictions. Today, the drip-drip-drip of leaks in Washington have been revealing that the 2016 election outcome was the result of a systematic attack perpetrated by the Russian government, with American citizens targeted both through social media platforms and via cable news disinformation campaigns.

These facts unto themselves make it extremely likely that The Tension Experience itself was part of this larger Russian campaign.

But there’s more.

The Operative Behind The Curtain

No doubt hoping to exploit the growing sense of civil unrest in the United States, the individuals behind The Tension Experience launched a “sequel” this year, dubbed “The Lust Experience.” Despite the concerns following last year’s election hack, hundreds have yet again been following the production without any concern for public safety. (Though in fairness, it is as of yet unclear how many participants are law enforcement or intelligence community agents surveying the project undercover.)

We will be exploring the details of The Lust Experience operation itself, and how we believe “Noah Sinclair” fits into the bigger picture, in future posts. But the essential, detail that links the experience to previous Russian involvement stems from an incident on May 1st, 2017. On that date, several participants — this writer included — attended a “registration event” where they met a tall, bearded man of Eastern European descent.

Those that encountered this individual have taken to referring to him as “The Man With The Stick” or “Boris the Bulgarian,” referencing either the totemistic staff he carries with him or his accent. Here at pfs, we take his appearance in Los Angeles to be the sign of something quite urgent.

We suspect this individual is an enforcer, likely current or former Russian intelligence, that has been placed in an oversight role by the Russian intelligence community to ensure subjects comply with the requests of The Lust Experience.

Confirming these suspicions, the mysterious enforcer contacted a participant by the name of Michael Fontaine directly earlier this week. His message? Avoid contact with an elderly man named Otis Fletcher — who had begun working for the enforcer as a driver — under the threat of violence.

The fact that he is appearing in such a public-facing role signals both the increased confidence those behind this operation feel in the wake of recent political events, as well as the high priority they have placed on its successful outcome.

more to come.