Spreading The Word


Since post-fact society first revealed its existence we have been met with several different kinds of reactions. Some have celebrated our mission. Others, unsurprisingly, have lashed out, because following the facts often forces us to let go of preconceived notions and beliefs. They compel us to admit that we were wrong, and if there’s any one thing that our mass media culture excels at, it is telling people exactly what they want to hear so they never have to face reality.

But fearless acceptance leads to enlightenment, as some are already embracing:

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Word of Mouth. #TheLustExperience

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The individual here reached out because they wasn’t ready to accept the lies they was being spoon-fed. Not by “Noah Sinclair”; not by anonymous internet friends, or globalist Hollywood hucksters. This individual wanted to speak out, because that’s the only way we as a society will ever see behind the curtain.

Our goal at pfs is simple: expose the truth, no matter where it leads. We’ve been tracking suspicious activity in Southern California since last year, and actually believe that Mr. Sinclair — if that is his real name — may be just one of many individuals operating on behalf of a much more sinister entity.

pfs operates in three different ways:

Word of Mouth

  • We spread the truth, because without it those in power will always remain in power.


  • We uncover the truth, no matter where it takes us, or how dangerous the path.


  • Sometimes words are not enough — and when those moments arrive we must be willing to do what is right.

We have just begun to dive down a very deep rabbit hole, and we will always fight for the truth, no matter what the cost. Because it is not us citizens that cower blindly in the shadows, worried that the searing gaze of our corporate overlords may soon rain down upon us. Not at all.

WE are the ones watching THEM.

More to come.