The Truth About iConfidant – REVEALED

As readers and listeners of post-face society know, we’ve been tracking strange occult activity in Southern California since last year. One group that came across our radar recently was iConfidant: a Silicon Valley start-up that offered a “friend” matchmaking service. The group’s beta program enlisted a number of participants, who began corresponding with their iConfidants via email. Although there were ongoing concerns about privacy, due to an email hacking incident and the erratic behavior of company CEO Stacey Erikson, the majority of participants continued their conversations, and agreed to meet their matches at a public meet-and-greet event in Southern California this past weekend.

Upon arriving at the event, these participants learned that they had all been corresponding with the same individual: a woman named Sabrina Kern, that had previously been linked with occult activity as part of a group calling itself The OOA Institute.

In this EXCLUSIVE leaked video, post-fact society is able to provide a front-row seat for the revelations that followed.

It is safe to say that this is only the beginning, and that the day’s news has tremendous implications. Both for those who had been suckered into the iConfidant scheme, as well as the intentions of the larger organization we here at pfs have been tracking.

More to come.

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Post-Fact Society Podcast, episode 1: Michael Fontaine

Introducing the post-fact society podcast, your guide to the dark world of conspiracy: from globalist masterminds and media manipulation, to the rise of the data-driven cult.

Joining us this week: Michael Fontaine, participant in a massive data-collection scheme operating in the Southern California area. Mr. Fontaine shares with us the story of how he became involved, and tells the tragic tale of the operations’s latest victim: an elderly gentleman named Otis Fletcher.

Also: A Silicon Valley start-up specializing in artificial intelligence finds itself in a crisis which may tie back to the same sinister plot.

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The Russian Conspiracy Behind The Lust Experience


Last year in Los Angeles, hundreds of individuals became involved in something called The Tension Experience. They were told it was an “immersive theater” project: that a group of Hollywood content creators had grown bored of making movies, and instead decided to make a theater show where participants pretended they were joining a supernatural cult, and could try to rescue its brainwashed leader.

As we will soon explore in our investigative series The Big Lie, all of that was a fabrication. In fact, the entire production had been produced as a front for a much more sinister globalist data-collection operation. But while some claim an organization named the OSDM was responsible, the growing web of political conspiracy currently ensnaring the United States points to a very different perpetrator: Russian intelligence forces.

Hacking the 2016 US Presidential Election

On the final night of The Tension Experience “play,” a woman known only as Michelle revealed that data collection had been the true goal of the operation from the very beginning. It was so successful, she said, that it had allowed her organization to sway the outcome of the 2016 United States Presidential race to then-President elect Donald J. Trump.

At the time, pollsters and pundits were shocked at Trump’s victory, particularly because it differed greatly from exit polling and other political predictions. Today, the drip-drip-drip of leaks in Washington have been revealing that the 2016 election outcome was the result of a systematic attack perpetrated by the Russian government, with American citizens targeted both through social media platforms and via cable news disinformation campaigns.

These facts unto themselves make it extremely likely that The Tension Experience itself was part of this larger Russian campaign.

But there’s more.

The Operative Behind The Curtain

No doubt hoping to exploit the growing sense of civil unrest in the United States, the individuals behind The Tension Experience launched a “sequel” this year, dubbed “The Lust Experience.” Despite the concerns following last year’s election hack, hundreds have yet again been following the production without any concern for public safety. (Though in fairness, it is as of yet unclear how many participants are law enforcement or intelligence community agents surveying the project undercover.)

We will be exploring the details of The Lust Experience operation itself, and how we believe “Noah Sinclair” fits into the bigger picture, in future posts. But the essential, detail that links the experience to previous Russian involvement stems from an incident on May 1st, 2017. On that date, several participants — this writer included — attended a “registration event” where they met a tall, bearded man of Eastern European descent.

Those that encountered this individual have taken to referring to him as “The Man With The Stick” or “Boris the Bulgarian,” referencing either the totemistic staff he carries with him or his accent. Here at pfs, we take his appearance in Los Angeles to be the sign of something quite urgent.

We suspect this individual is an enforcer, likely current or former Russian intelligence, that has been placed in an oversight role by the Russian intelligence community to ensure subjects comply with the requests of The Lust Experience.

Confirming these suspicions, the mysterious enforcer contacted a participant by the name of Michael Fontaine directly earlier this week. His message? Avoid contact with an elderly man named Otis Fletcher — who had begun working for the enforcer as a driver — under the threat of violence.

The fact that he is appearing in such a public-facing role signals both the increased confidence those behind this operation feel in the wake of recent political events, as well as the high priority they have placed on its successful outcome.

more to come.

Spreading The Word


Since post-fact society first revealed its existence we have been met with several different kinds of reactions. Some have celebrated our mission. Others, unsurprisingly, have lashed out, because following the facts often forces us to let go of preconceived notions and beliefs. They compel us to admit that we were wrong, and if there’s any one thing that our mass media culture excels at, it is telling people exactly what they want to hear so they never have to face reality.

But fearless acceptance leads to enlightenment, as some are already embracing:

🤔 @thelustexperience

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Word of Mouth. #TheLustExperience

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The individual here reached out because they wasn’t ready to accept the lies they was being spoon-fed. Not by “Noah Sinclair”; not by anonymous internet friends, or globalist Hollywood hucksters. This individual wanted to speak out, because that’s the only way we as a society will ever see behind the curtain.

Our goal at pfs is simple: expose the truth, no matter where it leads. We’ve been tracking suspicious activity in Southern California since last year, and actually believe that Mr. Sinclair — if that is his real name — may be just one of many individuals operating on behalf of a much more sinister entity.

pfs operates in three different ways:

Word of Mouth

  • We spread the truth, because without it those in power will always remain in power.


  • We uncover the truth, no matter where it takes us, or how dangerous the path.


  • Sometimes words are not enough — and when those moments arrive we must be willing to do what is right.

We have just begun to dive down a very deep rabbit hole, and we will always fight for the truth, no matter what the cost. Because it is not us citizens that cower blindly in the shadows, worried that the searing gaze of our corporate overlords may soon rain down upon us. Not at all.

WE are the ones watching THEM.

More to come.

The Truth About Noah Sinclair


This is Noah Sinclair, self-proclaimed self-help guru and founding member of one Sinclair Industries. He has been contacting people in the Los Angeles area, encouraging them to join his program, entitled “The System.”

Tragically, some have been falling for Mr. Sinclair’s charade — despite the fact that he has consistently engaged in illegal activity and has clearly demonstrated himself to be of unsound mind and temperament. Some have even joined him in these illegal actions, broadcasting them on the internet without any regard for public safety.

On a good day, this man is a liar and should not be trusted. On a bad day, he is an existential threat that is working to undermine the liberty of every single person in this country.

Here at post-fact society, we have been tracking the activities of “Mr. Sinclair” — if that’s even his name — and as a matter of public service I must now share with you the facts in order to discourage anyone else from taking part in his treachery.


1. On March 22, 2017, Mr. Sinclair contacted me personally, inviting me to a consultation. Upon arriving, I was led to a hotel room, where a naked woman awaited in the shower, asking for my help. When I attempted to give her solace, I was again contacted by Mr. Sinclair, who stated that he had been illegally recording the encounter via remote video feed.

He then asked me to use my position as a media influencer to spread the word of Sinclair Industries and The System, otherwise he would share the video footage with my wife. Little did he know I would not be fooled by his pathetic ploy, instead exposing his entire plan online moments after his attempt. That Periscope broadcast was the exact moment post-fact society was born.

But let us ask a simple question first: If Mr. Sinclair is a man of such wild success as he boasts, why would he need the help of an influencer in the first place?

2. Mr. Sinclair claims on his website to be a global success story, and that “I own 2 yachts, I have advised hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and pay more in taxes than the entire household income of over 80% of the nation.”

Strangely, Mr. Sinclair offers no links to the companies he has advised, provides no proof of his success, and hasn’t even been spotted in the public in something as much as a sports car. In fact, digging through media reports and public records, it would appear that Noah Sinclair doesn’t even exist.

If he is so wealthy, why is there no record of his wealth? Why haven’t Forbes or Fortune ever written about him? Why, in fact, does the name Sinclair Industries actually belong to an industrial manufacturing company in St. Louis rather than the capitalist empire fairy tale Mr. Sinclair peddles?

What is Mr. Sinclair hiding, and where does he really come from?

Noah Sinclair. #TheLustExperience

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3. On April 2nd, 2017, Mr. Sinclair held his first public “focus group”. While there, Mr. Sinclair showed up inebriated, got in a drunken fight with his wife and business partner Sarah Sinclair, before stumbling out of the event drunk.

Later he was nearly hit by a bus while crossing the street, and was arrested by the LAPD. A Sinclair Industries press release tried to cover up the fact that Mr. Sinclair was arrested and in rehab, before finally giving up the charade entirely.

Why did Sinclair Industries lie about the arrest and his whereabouts?

4. Later that month, Mr. Sinclair contacted a young woman who has been increasingly sympathetic to his cause. Appearing filthy and homeless, he went on a crazed paranoid rant, claiming he was being chased by robots before being captured by individuals in a van — likely associates of his own family.

During this entire time, Sarah Sinclair denied anything abnormal was happening, and Mr. Sinclair refused to confirm his state of mind despite being given repeated opportunities to do so.

Is Mr. Sinclair delusional, schizophrenic — or something much, much worse?

5. On April 18th, Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair tried to convince a small group of would-be disciples customers that Mr. Sinclair was healthy, back in action, and that The System would resume operation on May 1st as originally scheduled. After an awkward performance by Mrs. Sinclair, Mr. Sinclair slipped a phone to an attendee in the bathroom. It was an effort to reach out for help, despite stating moments earlier that things were otherwise fine. When that didn’t work out as expected, Mr. Sinclair threw a tantrum, verbally assassinated the person he had reached out to, and then looked for somebody else willing to carry his water.

Why does Mr. Sinclair continue to lie, and why would anybody trust someone so eager to throw their own collaborators under the bus?


5. On May 1st, Mr. Sinclair broke into a warehouse rented and operated by his father. He broadcast the illegal activity live, with the help of a willing member of The System. A trust fund baby born into wealth who has repeatedly bragged about how he ousted his own father from the family business, Mr. Sinclair instead rambled and whined about how his mean, awful daddy was making him do work and how terrible it all was.

At that point, Mr. Sinclair and his accomplice stole hundreds of pages of documents containing personal information that had been culled from participants in a data collection scheme in Southern California last year. Did Mr. Sinclair return this information to those affected? Did he close down the operation? Did he go to the press in order to ensure the truth was told? No.

Why did Mr. Sinclair take this information without the consent of those involved, and what does he intend to do with it?


It’s not our job here at post-fact society to jump to conclusions. It’s our job to collect and report the information that others in the world don’t want YOU to see.

And in the case of Noah Sinclair, those facts make a few things crystal clear.

Noah Sinclair is a con man, a scam artist, and is likely suffering from mental health problems. He has shown himself to be a predator, easily able to manipulate people in order to gain their trust, without ever providing proof of his own accomplishments, wealth, or social standing.


And to you, Mr. Sinclair, I have one simple message. You said you wanted me to spread your story. To let people know what you were about. That you wanted to “dive deeper” with me – and then you dropped off the face of the Earth. Whether that was due to incompetence or another mental breakdown, I don’t quite know. But I’ll say this…

I am happy to oblige. I will spread the word of your lies, deceit, and nefarious activity until everyone in the world knows you for the fraud you are. And we here at post-fact society will not stop until we have burned you to the ground.

WE are the ones watching YOU.